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Download Problems

Download Problems

We hope nothing goes wrong, but when it does, it’s usually one of these things.

Access Denied/XML Error

If you encounter an “access denied” page while trying to download, try clearing your browser cache and then restart your browser. If this still doesn't work, please try a different browser.

Never got download links

If you have already purchased and are unable to locate your downloads, check your spam and junk folder inside of your email. Also, if you have an account our website, check ‘My Library’ under the account tab. If you didn’t create an account before you purchased, you can create one after and your previous purchases will be linked directly to your library.

Download times out

If your download ever times out and fails to complete, try clearing your browser cache and restarting the browser. If the download still times out, try using a different web browser.

Slow download speed

If you are experiencing slow download speeds we recommend you try clearing your browser cache and trying a new browser. Sometimes we get bogged down during a promotion, so keep trying or you can reach out to us below.

Refund Requests

Refund Requests

Due to the nature of our products, we do not typically offer refunds for downloaded goods. There are some exceptions.

Double Order

It's okay, this happens sometimes and we understand that completely. You can request a refund through a support ticket.


If for some reason your order shows up and is the wrong size, item, or just doesn't show up at all, we will happily take care of it.


We guarantee you will love our plugins or we will give you your money back. If you genuinely don't like it, we aren't going to make you keep it. However, you will lose access to the plugin after a refund or cancellation has been issued. You must submit your refund request within 30 days of purchasing the plugin(s).

Incompatible Goods

If you make a purchase from our site and are unable to use the product, please reach out immediately via support chat or ticket and we will help anyway we can to help you with your purchase.

Licensing Questions

Licensing Questions

Our most answered licensing questions

Can I use freebies commercially?

Yes, in a limited capacity. You can use them in client and personal work. You cannot redistribute freebies online, add them to your own packs or products for resale, give them away to friends, etc. You can also not use them in apps or web apps.

I bought a BLKMARKET plugin, do I have commercial rights to use it?

Anything that you create using a BLKMARKET plugin is completely yours to use commercially or personally. Our plugins are created to help advance your designs to the next level, and to get creative results without back breaking work. We appreciate the support but anything you create with the plugins is yours to use however you'd like.

Can I use these mockups on my steaming channel?

Absolutely, once you purchase one of our mockups you can use it for any design purpose you may have, commercial or personal. Redistributing or reselling any purchased files is not allowed in any capacity.

Can I take a couple of your assets and create my own bundle and sell/distribute them as my own?

You may not for any reason repackage, redistribute or resell any of our products. Purchased assets are licensed only to the purchaser. If purchasing for a company or client, feel free to contact support to assign rights to the correct holder.

Still need help?

Open a ticket



Need an invoice? Here are the ways to get one

My Account

Now you can grab an invoice whenever you need inside of your account options. If you haven't created an account yet, you can make one now and your previous purchase and the invoice will link to your account.

Email Us

If you encounter any issues downloading your invoices or if you need additional information, give us a shout at and we would be happy to help.

Still need help?

Open a ticket

Trash Machine

Trash Machine

The most common fixes to Trash Machine issues

Why does my layer disappear after I run Trash Machine?

In order for Trash Machine to work properly, the layer that you are working on needs to be completely white and on a black background. This is due to the way threshold works. Once you have finished running Trash Machine you can use a color overlay to change the layer and background back to whatever you would like.

Why does my layer have a stroke around it?

If this happens, try converting the layer to a smart object before you run Trash Machine. Sometimes a layer with layer styling can cause issues with how Trash Machine works.

Photoshop Installation

There are a few ways to install actions, but we recommend to install using Import Actions from the Action window. To Import a new Action, go to Window > Actions and then Import Actions from the drop down menu.



Plugin launcher FAQ

Connect finishes installing but I can't find it inside of Photoshop.

Connect is launched inside of Photoshop from the Window > Extensions (legacy)

If you are unable to locate BLKMARKET Connect in that location, please follow along with the guide below. If you are still unable to find Connect, please email us at

Security settings stop me from installing.

On Mac OS older than Big Sur, you may receive a message that tells you that you are unable to install due to an issue with the signature of the package or are told the file is corrupted and to contact the developer. Check your OS version for the solution.

10.14 / 10.15: Follow along with the guide below.

10.13 or older: Please email

Apple Silicon M1 Mac

As of Photoshop 22.2, Adobe no longer supports CEP extensions on the M1 chip Mac devices. Our team is working hard to bring our Connect to UXP as quickly as we can and will include the UXP version free for those on M1 at the time of purchase. In the meantime, here is a guide to a couple of temporary workarounds.



The halftone print generator.

Help Docs

Take a look at our complete guide for Inklab and feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.



Displacement Generator

Help Docs

Need some more information on Reactor? Check out our Reactor guide and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.